Ngoc Lan 5 – Tinh Gan

Perfection. It’s the only word to truly describe Ngoc Lan’s Tinh Gan classic album. When I say perfection, I mean nothing less than exceptional – definitely no fillers – on the album. Ngoc Lan gave us 12 flawless performances. Tinh Gan demonstrates her artistic vision and skillful music selection that fits her aesthetic style.

When she flows into your mind, “Em nhu mot nu hong / Cau mong chang lanh lung” (Ngo Thuy Mien’s “Tinh Khuc Buon“), her words are filled with magnificent imageries. When she breathes into your ear “Voi em, anh mai la nguoi tinh tram nam” (Duc Huy’s “Nguoi Tinh Tram Nam“), you almost believe her. When she whispers into your heart, “Buon vuong mau ao hong / nuoc mat em di ve voi chong” (Nguyen Ngoc Trong’s “Buon Vuong Mau Ao”), you could visualize her tears. When she confronts your soul, “Anh ben nguoi xa la / Anh quen loi hen the / Cho em xot xa” (Do Cung La’s “Du Tinh Yeu Da Mat”), you immediately feel her broken heart.

From Trinh Cong Son’s “Chieu Mot Minh Qua Pho,” “Roi Nhu Da Ngay Ngo,” to “Ha Trang,” Ngoc Lan got us hanging on every word she gushes. On Duc Huy’s “De Quen Con Tim” and “Tieng Mua Dem,” the beats are soft; her vocals are even softer. Together, they have painted an epic of magical moments. Let’s not forget her touching recitation of Tram Tu Thien’s “Muoi Nam Yeu Em” and the delightful experiences from Vu Thanh An’s “Bai Khong Ten So 2, 3, & 7.”

While there are many young new faces stepping on the scene, time and time again, I have to come back to Ngoc Lan, especially Tinh Gan, for that closure love she gave us. Tinh Gan is a timeless work where every track leaves us something to linger on. As I have stated, this is truly a perfect album with beautiful lyrics, mesmerizing vocals, and outstanding production. Every aspect works together immaculately to create an elegantly beautiful work of art.