My Le Vol.3 – My Nhan Ngu

My Le‘s vocals have improved tremendously, noticeably her breathless skills, on My Nhan Ngu; however, I am disappointed with her songs selections on this album. Her voice is powerful and beautiful, but most of the songs on the album do not bring out her charismas or vice versa.

Nevertheless, My Le and her musicians have successfully restyled Duc Huy’s “Va Con Tim Da Vui Tro Lai” by giving it a fresh new vibe. The song is brilliantly produced with the combination of My Le’s energetic vocals and the band’s vivacious harmonies. Although I have heard so many versions of Trinh Cong Son’s “Ru Em Tung Ngon Xuan Nong,” My Le’s version stands on its own because of her liveliness and forcefulness performance.

My Le’s version of “Ngay Xua Tieng Vi Cam” is nice and soothing with a gorgeous touch from the violin. I am not too crazy about “Tieng Song” but it has a nice upbeat to it. “Mot Ngay Mua Dong” also has the smooth up-tempo but Ha Okyo kills it with his Vietnamese rapping, especially with his Northern accent and his Wycleff imitation, “One time… two time.”

Even though My Nhan Ngu is not a perfect album, it is still enjoyable. I wish My Le had chosen her music more wisely like she did on the first two volumes. In any case, she is making progress with each new album. She is an imaginative artist who deserves some recognition.