Nhom Ban Tre… Cuoc Phieu Luu (JD Music 1)

Johnny Dung has been in the Vietnamese entertainment business for years; therefore, there is no reason for him to put out such a hopeless debute music video. You can’t just go to Hawaii, slap the singers on the scenes, and call it music video. Furthermore, the cinematography is poorly produced and the digital imaging behind Ha Vy and Cat Ly performances are way too amateur.

What is Johnny Dung thinking? He tries to follow Tinh production’s footsteps, but fails miserably. Each of Tinh’s song is well produced with some sort of plot behind it to keep viewers tuned in. With JD’s video, I just get tired of looking at the singer and the scenes after less than a minute into the song. There is no innovative or creative input into the work.

The musical arrangements aren’t so bad because of the talented musicians such as Dong Son, Nhat Trung, Huynh Nhat Tan, DJ Slim and others who put on some creative mix behind the scene. Since this is there strong point, JD production should focus on producing CDs first. After gathering enough cash flow then invest in producing high quality video. Because there are so many productions out there right now and the viewers’ demands are extremely high, only inventive and groundbreaking works will survive in this game. For example, Asia entertainment constantly seek out new ideas for their videos.