Trish Thuy Trang – DVD

I wasn’t planning on writing about Trish’s DVD until she opens her mouth during the interview with SBTN. Her comment was, “I think a lot of kids would appreciate [my music] more than the [adults] that I perform for now. Cause a lot of them are … [dummy face]. They don’t get it.” Call me deaf and dumb all you want but what is there to get? Trish’s vocals haven’t improved since the first time she steps on Asia’s stage, still exasperating and annoying.

What about her lyrics? Let’s just pick out a song she has written. The lyrics of “Stay a While” go something like this, “Please don’t walk away, / I just want to be. / Here right by your side. / Say you’ll stay with me. / Just a little while. / Only you and me. / Please don’t walk away. / Say you’ll stay with.” Come on Trish! The same material recycles over and over again and nothing new.

Trish is a cute girl but she needs some drama in her life to spice up her music and lyrics. She needs to reinvent herself and grow out of that tiresome style if she wants to be appreciated by the older listeners. Until then, don’t insult the audience.