Alan – The Chef

Instead of serving our traditional Vietnamese cuisine, we were honored to have our dear friend Alan Favini -who is one of the finest chefs in Boston- prepared some special Italian dishes to celebrate our aunt and uncle’s 5th anniversary. Although the weather didn’t cooperate with us, the party still went on smoothly with everyone attended and special thanks to Alan for a superior dining and wining. A little bit too much wining actually.

I know you’re getting hungry so let’s get straight to the menu. After three glasses of Manhattan, my dinner began with a nice and fresh taste of Grilled Scallop Salad with endive and watercress. For appetizer, the Lobster Ravioli is just irresistible. If you get a chance to try Alan’s cooking, this marvelously indulgent ravioli is surely not to be missed. For the main course, the Grilled Salmon over portabella mushroom and broccoli couscous is simply delicious. One of my uncles is a salmon freak and the compliment he gave was, “This is one of the best salmon I ever had.” Lastly, Poached Fruits Over Vanilla Ice Cream on Martini glass is our yummy dessert.

Not only his food tastes delicious, Alan’s presentation is aesthetically beautiful as well. I love his clean, simple and elegant design. You probably couldn’t see the details too well (specially the Grill Salmon) from my photos because they are a bit blurry. Sorry, I was a bit too buzz to get my camera focused after doses of beer, wine, champagne, mix drinks, and a few Tequila shots.

If you’re in the Boston area and would like some Italian finest cuisine for your special occasions, Alan is available for catering. I am telling you, Alan can cook and I am recommending him undoubtedly. So drop me a note if you’re interested and I’ll get you hook up.