Luis – Alegria

Need some inspiration while designing? Pop in Luis Mejia’s Alegria, a beautiful instrumental album that guarantee to sprawl up creativities to your work. Luis’s golden fingers will strum you into a fantasy world and juice up your mind. Although Luis’s guitar is the key ingredient, the album wouldn’t be complete without the help of other elegant instruments.

Luis’s Alegria is the album that you can enjoy from begin to end without any interruption. Even when the album ended, you just feel so empty and yearning for more. With 12 mesmerizing tracks, Luis and his music will give you a little bit of Flamenco, Spanish, Contemporary, Pop and various rhythms to feed your mind. Although I love all 12 songs on the album, the ones stand out for me include: “Selva,” “Romance,” “To The Night,” “Rumba” and especially “Mediterraneo” (not sure how he does it but it sounds like he strokes with 20 fingers at once).

What more do I need to say? This album is an aesthetically beautiful work of art so I’ll let the music speaks for itself. Go ahead and buy it from his own website,, to support the independent artist for giving us such an incredible work.