Thanh Lam – Ru Doi Di Nhe

On the cover, the combination of Thanh Lam and Trinh Con Son just doesn’t seem quite right; I must admit, however, Thanh Lam’s Ru Doi Di Nhe is one of the most innovative Trinh’s albums I have enjoyed. On this album, Thanh Lam is giving us her own interpretation of Trinh’s music. It’s quite a daring move but the result is unbelievable. For example, Thanh Lam turns “Mot Coi Di Ve” into a compelling Jazz flavor. I wonder where Dam Vinh Hung gets his inspiration.

On “Toi Ru Em Ngu,” Thanh Lam gives a groundbreaking a capella performance with her exotic vocals and she has done a beautiful job of holding off her breath. Her version of “Ru Ta Ngam Ngui” is bold, confidence, and creative. She has brought the liveliness out of the song with her strong and clear expressions. Thanh Lam is a great artist with a creative mind and her ingenuity has proven through the performance of “Em Hay Ngu Di,” “Ru Doi Ta Nhe,” “Nhu Canh Vac Bay,” “Mua Hong,” and “Goi Ten Bon Mua.”

Other than “Tinh Sau” which is way too “buon ngu” (sadly sleepy), Thanh Lam’s Ru Doi Di Nhe is a solid Trinh’s album. It’s perfect for my Trinh’s collection. Two thumbs up for Thanh Lam who has made it to my favorite Vietnamese artists list for her rule-breaking attitude and skillful musical interpretation.