Friday’s Joys

Biggie’s mix joints by DJ Dirty Harry and DJ Vlad should be pumpin’ in everything freakin’ club. The beats are off the hook and Biggie rhymes are just blazin’. This mix is taken from The Notorious BIG Rap Phenomenon LP.

Yeah baby! Apple’s Motion is shipping. She looks hot as hell with real-time design. I can’t wait to play with her.

Hong Nhung’s acappella version of Ru Tinh rocks. Her voice is mesmerizing.

Tran Duy Tinh’s interpretion of Trinh Con Son’s music. Tinh translated many songs Trinh had written before 1975 about humanity. It’s quite inspiring. Although Tinh’s Vietnamese is not perfect, he got my respect for trying.

Studio shots of my lovely cousin Jessica Ly. Isn’t she beautiful? Still young and restless.

Check out this crazy Bozzetto in the Olympics.