Hong Nhung – Thuo Bong La Nguoi (Trinh Cong Son)

Although I have Hong Nhung’s Thuo Bong La Nguoi for a while, it takes me some time to absorb Trinh Cong Son’s poetic lyrics. In every song, he paints beautiful descriptions with his simple yet influential words. In this album, Hong Nhung has chosen 11 delightful songs to celebrate the splendor of life and to appreciate the beauty of nature.

With her sweet, clear, and effortless vocals, Hong Nhung has created an aesthetic experience on this album with Trinh’s music. Furthermore, she has done a wonderful job of focusing on his expressions. For example, in “Moi Ngay Toi Chon Niem Vui” (Everyday I Choose a Happiness), she keeps it simple as everyday’s life and the result is artistically inspired.

In “Co Xot Xa Dua,” the language is filled with imaginative words, “Tren doi nguoi tro nhanh hoang vu/Tren ngay di moc canh la mu.” I have no idea how to translate that. I even have trouble understanding it but once I closed my eyes and listened to Hong Nhung’s crystal clear vocals, the images emerged. You just have experience it.

Again, “Ra Dong Truoc Ngo” paints a gorgeous scene of a little kid flying his kite among the big and beautiful sky. “Ru Em” creates a sweet lullaby, “Ru em cung nhung u me/Ru em, ru em du da chia xa.” In “De Gio Cuon Di” he touches on moral of life, “Song trong cuoc doi/Can co mot tam long/De lam gi em biet khong?”

Unlike other Trinh’s album where you get the same popular songs from Trinh Cong Son, Thuo Bong La Nguoi contains 10 songs I haven’t heard before and one bonus “Ben Doi Hiu Quanh.” This is a Trinh’s album that stands apart from the rest because of the songs selection. The musical arrangement is admirable and the traditional instruments (Dan Nguyet, Tieu) enhanced the experience greatly. If you haven’t heard of Hong Nhung, this is the album to get a taste of that fine and lovely voice.

Bonjour Vietnam