More Inspirations

When The Colors Come Together” is an aesthetically beautiful watercolor painting by Mr. Hilt, my Jr. High art teacher. He is the man with the visual eyes. Loved his art, loved his class, and loved his personality. He was one of the coolest teacher I had. I missed drawing and listening to Jimmi Hendrix at the same time.

My nephew’s MTX stereo system kills my eardrums. The whole SUV shakes when he pumps up the volume. Couple years ago, he was so impressed with my car system that he went to school to become a professional stereo installer. Now his bass makes my heart pounds. I have to give it to him. The hookup looks mad sweet.

An inspirational story of a Cambodian MC who recites his history through the blend of hip hop and traditional Cambodian music. For samples of Prach Ly’s music and lyrics, drop by Frontline World.