Chao Trang Dua Mam (White Porridge and Vietnamse Pickle)

Chao Trang Dua Mam is a quick and simple dish. Actually, Dua Mam is hard to make but I got mine hand delivered from My Tho. It was a special import; therefore, it is the real deal. Unlike the jar you get from a regular oriental store, this Dua Mam is crunchy and tasty. I love Dua Mam ever since I was a kid. I would eat everything with Dua Mam: rice, porridge or vermicelli.

Talking about Dua Mam brings me back to the old days when I spent time with dad away from home. He was incharged of buidling a small theater in Cai Be and I was tagging along. During that time, I was around four or five and there was a woman, who was quite younger than him, always came by to where we lived. I am not sure who she was or why she was there but every time she came by, she always brought me Dua Mam. His workers used to laughed and teased me about she was being my mother. I can’t remember what the heck went on but I can surely remember the good Dua Mam. Hopefully, he didn’t do anything stupid.