Canh Chua Ca Kho To (Sour Soup and Braised Fish in Caramel Hotpot)

Unlike my mother’s unorthodox version of Canh Chua Muc Ngo Sen, Canh Chua Ca Kho To is the traditional Vietnamese dish. There is a special way to eat Canh Chua Ca Kho? (Well, for me it is). With the bowl full of rice, you start off with the slightly salty Ca Kho. Don’t forget to sprinkle some of that heavenly caramel sauce on top of your rice. After you finished about 1/4 to 1/2 portion of your rice, pour Canh Chua into your bowl, sprinkle a little bit of fish sauce on top, mix well and start slurping. Don’t forget to pick up the goodies in Canh Chua either. Rau Muong (Watercrescent) is my favorite. They are just unbelievable. How about those hot green peppers that are nicely sliced? Canh Chua wouldn’t be complete without them. Canh Chua Ca Kho To is a perfect lunch after the morning of hot and hard work. My mouth is getting watery from just writing down my thoughts.

Bonjour Vietnam