A Work of Art Stands for Itself.

As I have predicted, Nguyen Ngoc Ngan’s statement on Paris By Night 73 would tick off the folks in Vietnam. However, the misquote from a Vietnamese newspaper is bothering me. Mr. Ngan didn’t say the Vietnamese community in the US is against singers in Viet Nam who were nominated by the Vietnamese government. He only represented Thuy Nga production not the whole Vietnamese community so please get that straight.

The article also mentioned the banning of Mua He Ruc Ro in Vietnam. What is up with that? Mua He Ruc Ro is a highly respected work for its original purpose, which is to celebrate the success of the Vietnamese in America. From what I can recalled from the video, there was no incident of protesting against the Vietnamese government except for maybe Don Duong’s speech but he has every right to speak up on his situation. To make things short, I thought this video should be treasured not only in America but it should served as a sense of pride for the people in Vietnam as well. Unfortunately, the Vietnamese government doesn’t want to recognize the good part about us. They are probably thinking, “Look what they can do after leaving Vietnam. If we show our people this video, everyone would want to leave Vietnam.”

I am not opposing the Vietnamese government and I am not supporting the act against the communist either. I only care about the work of art and the Vietnamese government is not being fare. The Vietnamese community or even the US government is not banning film like Nguoi Dep Tay Do. It’s a beautiful work of art even though it is telling from the communist point of view. I enjoy Nguoi Dep Tay Do as well as Mua He Ruc Ro. A beautiful work is a beautiful work no matter which side created it. I am just hoping that Vietnamse people can get a chance to see both as well and not just Nguoi Dep Tay Do.