Good News

I am now rockin’ with the spankin’ new G5. The migrating process is not as bad as I thought but I am pretty much starting fresh and clean to get the most out of it. I was working till 10:00pm last night trying to reinstall softwares and retrieve my prerferences. The hard part is over and now I can’t wait to my hands on that Tiger.

I was accepted to Vassar as a Special Student. I’ll probably be the only old fool in class. I am thinking of taking an English course to improve my writing.

I can’t wait until XHTML 2.0 released. The working draft looks fantastic. Take a look at the Major Differences with XHTML 1.0. It is coming closer to XML. The hr (horizontal rule) is coming back with a new name (separator). That makes sense. The new nl for navigation list. You can now apply href into your li which will minimized your codes tremendously. Many more changes in XHTML 2.0 to improve accessibility so keep your eyes out.