Mam Kho (Fermented Fish Broth Hotpot)

Hmmm! I love Mam Kho like I love women even though the smell is not as great as women. Actually I never find anything wrong with the scent but many can’t stand it. As you can see from the photo, our dinner was split in halves. Our half is the Mam Kho’s lovers and the other half is the Mam Kho’s haters. Hey! It’s all good for the haters, it is just more Mam Kho for me. I can’t say, “You’re not Vietnamese if you can’t eat Mam Kho.” That would also offend my family but damn you’re missing out on one of the best food on earth. Just look at the big plate of vegetables and that creamy fish sauce. Don’t you just want to dip it and eat it? Mam Kho is our uncle 8’s specialty. The man can cook.