Ve Day Em Remastered

My apology to Trinh Nam Son, the author of “Ve Day Em”, for the incorrect credits on his work. The opening of “Ve Day Em” Flash movie should have read, “Music & Lyrics: Trinh Nam Son” instead of just “Lyrics: Trinh Nam Son.” As a web designer, I totally understand and respect atists’ sweats and tears; therefore, I have editted the opening to comply with the correct information. Meanwhile, I also remastered the sound for better quality. If you have saved the previous version to play on your desktop or to use on another site, please re-download the latest version for proper credits and better sound quality.

As for the talented singer and writer Trinh Nam Son, you had worked extremely hard to create such a beautiful and timeless song and thank you for allowing me to display “Ve Day Em” to the world. It is one of the piece that I have received positive responses beyond the Vietnamese community. It is also responsible for the launching of