Banh Hoi Tom Hum (Steamed Vermicelli with Lobsters)

Banh Hoi Tom Hum not just sounds fancy but tastes delicious as well. When my mom prepares this dish, I thought it was kind of strange. Of course, I had Banh Hoi with Heo Quay (Roast Pig) or Chao Tom (Barbecued Shrimp Paste on Sugar Can) but I never had steamed vermicelli with lobsters before.

During our vacation at my sister, we bought $250 worth of fresh lobsters. My mom boiled the lobsters not with regular water but two bottles of Heineken. I was like, “Ma, what are you doing? Wasting my Heinekens like that.” I smiled and went on, “You should have told me, I would have get you a 40 Olde E or something.” Well, the end result is just amazing how Heinekens can add that unique fragrant to the lobster. With the help of Nuoc Mam Ot (Mixed Fish Sauce), herbs and vegetables, my mom’s Banh Hoi Tom Hum is just to die for.