Goi Cuon Thit Nai (Fresh Rice Paper Roll With Deer and Vegetables)

This is a new fantastic flavor of Goi Cuon by my mama. The typical Goi Cuon contains pork and shrimp but my mama takes it to the next level with deer meat. With the combination of fresh vegetables and the soft, juicy meat, this version of Goi Cuon is off the hook. Her dipping is quite different too. The ingredients include mixed fish sauce, Hoisin sauce, applesauce, a bit of peanut butter and hot peppers. The result is delicious. I had like 15 rolls and still hunger for more.

By the way, you can get a sneak peak at my mom in the photo. She has the hair nest on. When it comes to food, my mom doesn’t mess around. She has to have all of her ingridients. She washes the meat and the vegetables like 20 times. So when eating her food, 200% clean is guaranteed. This is the reason her foods take so long to prepare and it is also why I can’t take her to any restaurants. She would never be satisfied unless she cooks the food.