Canh Chua Muc Ngo Sen (Sour Lotus Soup with Calamari)

Normally Canh Chua is made with fish or shrimp, tomatoes, bean sprouts, pineapples and all sorts of herbs. My mom’s unique Canh Chua Muc Ngo Sen is much simplier yet her broth is still amazingly prosperous. You still get the Canh Chua’s flavor but the content is atypical. Canh Chua Ca Hu is definitely my favorite dish but it is nice to have a different tang once in a while. I am so impressed by her creativities.

Usually when you have Canh Chua Ca, you have to have Ca Kho To (Braised Fish in Caramel). In this case, mom made Calamari Simmered in Caramel Sauce to go with the original theme. The result is just blazin’. Don’t you just love it when you have a mother with great taste? I love it.