The Best of Tuan Ngoc – Va Toi Mai Yeu Em

Distributed by Asia Entertainment, The Best of Tuan Ngoc is the second most invaluable special collection next to Ngoc Lan 1982-1991. With his flamboyant vocals and his mastery skills of holding on to a note as long as he pleases, Tuan Ngoc proves to be the most influential singer of his time as well as the younger generation. Tuan Ngoc has been singing for twenty-some-odd years and why does he last so long? Unlike many other Vietnamese artists, Tuan Ngoc takes his craft seriously. He only chooses songs that he can fully express, particularly, Tuong Niem, Huong Ve Ha Noi, Giu Nhau Trong Doi, Ai Ve Song Tuong, Tinh Yeu Nhu Mui Ten, Bai Khong Ten So 4, and Khong Ten Tiep Noi 28 (Anh Cam On Em). As a result, almost every song from Tuan Ngoc is elegant, romantic and priceless.

Beside the precious hits, Tuan Ngoc and Asia also offer some ballads for your enjoyment. So put down your glass of champagne and lead your lady to the floor for a graceful Waltz in Tinh Han (Delilah), a passionate Rumba in Va Toi Mai Yeu Em, a funky Twist in Ghen, and a stylish Bebop in Hay Song Cho Tuoi Tre (Say You Will). Actually, I prefer Don Ho version of Hay Song Cho Tuoi Tre because Tuan Ngoc seems to be a bit too slow with fast beat while Don Ho gives a perfect performance. Other then that, this special collection is an excellence work of art. Even his English pronounciation in Papa (Cha Yeu Dau) and Delilah (Tinh Han) is quite good.

With Tuan Ngoc untouchable vocals and Asia impervious musicals, The Best of Tuan Ngoc is an indispensable collection for Tuan Ngoc fans. The best part of being Tuan Ngoc fan is that you don’t have to put a hole in your pocket since his music is quite limited but valuable. Unlike Nguyen Khang and Quang Dung who only became popular recently yet they had come out with tons of CDs. As a result, most of them are junkies. I appreciate artists who take their time to produce timeless works and Tuan Ngoc is definitely one of them.