Paris By Night 73 – The Best of Duets (Song Ca Dac Biet)

Thuy Nga’s The Best of Duets seduces me and I mean sexually not musically. The video kicks off with a strip tease by Bao Han and Ho Le Thu. Two hot Asian chicks in pink and yellow bras grinding on the male dancers. “Hallelujah” is the only word I can make out from their song, especially the ass-spanking part. Even though Ho Le Thu is a fresh new face, she is already exploiting her image in her Giot Tinh performance. The “back ripped-off” dresses look so nice. They make me want to do something tonight because shorties look mad tight, especially the dancer on the right (viewers left). The temptation gets stronger when Loan Chau rips off her traditional dress (Ao Dai) into short skirt and bra. She makes Don Ho looks like a geek next to her in shirt and tie. The climax part of the video is near the end where Nhu Loan grabs her crotch while she is being lifted up in the air. Damn! It’s getting hot in herrre. Let’s take off all your clothes.

Sorry if that is too much information for you but sex sells and Thuy Nga don’t give a damn so why should I? Hey! It’s all good. If the music sucks and the topic blows, they have to find something to attract the viewers. What is better than sex, right? I love it and I am sure many men would love it. Noticeable, the crowd goes crazy after the chicks performances. On the contrary, female audiences might be disappointed with the male singers. You might have to rely on the male dancers for some sex appeal because male singers will give you nothing. For those who loves Luong Tung Quang, I am sorry to say but he looks mad gay in a glittered turtleneck with a leather skirt. The new dude, Vuong Tieu Vu, looks like a lady as well and his voice is not so good either. It’s alright with me as long as the female singers are blazin’.

Musically, there are some nice performances. Nhat Trung and La Suong Suong give a beautiful execution on Trai Tim Buoc Gia. Tran Thai Hoa and Ngoc Ha’s vocals are magnetizing in Tro Ve Nha Xua. Khanh Ha and Luu Bich give a touching tribute to their mother in Long Me. The mother and daughter (Thai Thanh and Y Lan) dual is quite cute. Of course, Loan Chau, Nhu Loan and Minh Tuyet are sexy as hell in Lien Khuc Tinh, Hon Gen, and Binh Minh Se Mang Em Di.

In term of set design, thankfully Thuy Nga uses the big screen more effective than Asia. I like they way they use the three piece large screens combining with props in the foreground. The result is aesthetically beautiful. Thuy Nga’s set design is still topnotch comparing to other productions.

Although Video 73 is definitely way better than video 72, Thuy Nga still need to improve their music and topic. Nguyen Ngoc Ngan and Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen aren’t too bad on this one and I am glad Nguyen Ngoc Ngan stated his political statement regarding to issue of singers from Viet Nam performing in the US. He has a good point there. Lastly, what do you think of Bang Kieu? I can’t stand his bitch ass vocals.