mLife Means Miserable Life

Last week, I made my first payment through AT&T Wireless via checking account. Everything went smoothly and I even got a confirm email from them. Today, my service was interupted without any warning. They emailed me when to pay my bill but they did not bother to warn me about my incorrect routing numbers (my bank gave me the wrong routing numbers). I whipped out my credit card to make a payment over the phone in order to get my service back. After I recieved my confirmation numbers over the phone, the lady told me there will be a $25 charge for restoring each phone (I have 3 phones). She transfered me to customer service and the guy told me there is nothing he can do to weave the fee. It is my responsible for not making the payment on time. With Verizon, the late fee is 1% without cutting off my service. Verizon even reminded me about my payment via text messages. I was totally dissapointed and would like to cancel my service but I am 1 day over my trial period and I have to pay $175 for each phone. I was totally speechless for this kind of ignorant business from AT&T. So if you’re thinking of going with mLife, remember it is truly a miserable life.