Nguyen Khang – Trinh Ca

Nguyen Khang is the male version of Khanh Ly on Trinh Cong Son’s music. His transformation of Ru Doi Ta Nhe, Ha Trang, Bien Nho and Chieu Mot Minh Qua Pho are quite impressive. Although Nguyen Khang is a newcomer, he performs Trinh’s songs with confident and power, especially Ru Doi Ta Nhe. His duet with Diem Lien on Lien Khuc Diem Xua is simply beautiful. Even though Diem Lien gives a fantastic performance, she couldn’t hold up with his superb vocals. I would love to hear him performs with Khanh Ly on Trinh’s music. Together they would create a spectacular experience. As far as Quang Dung, he is nowhere near Nguyen Khang in term of vocals. Nguyen Khang edition of Ru Em Tung Ngon Xuan Nong is way more superior than Quang Dung’s version.

Nguyen Khang’s 10 Tuyet Khuc Trinh Cong Son definitely sets itself apart from other Trinh’s album. Dam Vinh Hung is going to have a hard time topping both Tuan Ngoc and Nguyen Khang. Actually the album only contains 8 tracks performs by Nguyen Khang. Moi Coi Di Ve performs by Trinh Cong Son himself and Lien Khuc Uoc Mi performs by Thanh Ha. I want more of Nguyen Khang on Trinh Cong Son.