Tuan Ngoc – 10 Tinh Khuc Trinh Cong Son

Tuan Ngoc sings for singers. That’s his reputation and he has been able maintained his classy style for many years; therefore, he is still well recognized by the Vietnamese entertainment in both the United States and Viet Nam. Tuau Ngoc gentle vocals and indomitable flairs have inspired many young artists including Quang Dung, Nguyen Khang, Quach Thanh Danh, Tran Thai Hoa, and many more. Even though these young artists have been quite successful in Tuan Ngoc’s style, none has been able to come close to his refined vocals. When listening to these young artists, I can feel the hover of Tuan Ngoc. On the contrary, there is no lingers of others when listening to Tuan Ngoc.

Tuan Ngoc’s Dem Thay Ta La Thac Do showcases 10 of Trinh Cong Son hits. Highlights include compelling versions of Nhu Mot Loi Chia Tay, Dem Thay Ta La Thac Do, Em Con Nho Hay Em Da Quen, Ru Em, Vang Phai Truoc Ngo, Ru Doi Di Nhe, and Xin Tra No Nguoi, where he unwinds the melodies and flows the emotions out of the songs. The results are rather touching and inspiring. His vocals on Em Con Nho Hay Em Da Quen are hipnotizing with the way he ebbs and flows the words. His version of Nhu Mot Loi Chia Tay is the best I’ve heard so far. He accentuates his caressing vocals to create an exquisite experience.

Dem Thay Ta La Thac Do is an even album with 10 mellifluous vocalizing and elegant musical engineering. It’s an enjoyable album for Trinh Cong Son lovers and an essential collection for Tuan Ngoc fans.

While we’re on Trinh’s music, Dam Vinh Hung is coming out with his Trinh’s album. It is going to be an interesting album. I am not sure if he can pull it off. With his uniqueness, I have high hopes on it. It is now the most anticiapated album for me.