Real Vietnamese Food

Oh Lord! Noodle Pie is killing me with his Vietnamses food blog and photos. Cha Ca La Vong looks mad good with fresh vegetables and my all time favorite Mam Tom (shrimp paste). I really miss Chao Luon (eel porridge), especially the string of eel eggs.

Oh my! Look at all these Hue treats: Goi Rau Muon (Water morning glory salad) dish, isn’t that heaven sent or what? Bo Tai Nuoc Dua (rare beef in coconut) is something new to me. Howcome I never heard of this dish? What the heck? Now I have to fly back to Viet Nam just for this. Check out Ca Kho To (Stew fish in clay pot) and Canh Mang Ca Thac Lac (fish soup with bamboo shoots). Oh man! Oh man! This guy is killing me.