Bien Nho 3 – Di Tim Ky Niem

The little kid, Nguyen Huy, is too much for me. He is definitely talented but Bien Nho production has turned him into a little pimp. It’s not the appropriate direction for a kid at such an early age. He has made quite a controversial in Viet Nam and I have to agree with the protesters. His image is improper and his voice is annoying the heck out of me, especially that “Melao” song.

My most favorite performance from the video goes out Ha Vy and Huy Vu in “Chi Le Cha Cha Cha.” The video is so much fun. Ha Vy is so fly and I love her outfits. She looks so damn hot and sexy. I actually prefer her performance in pop instead of country. Her country style performance in “Dinh Menh Buon” is too dreadful; however, her duet with Truong Vu in “Lien Khuc Trom Nhin Nhau” is quite cute. The storyline is nice. Ha Vy and the little kid are adorable. I probably can play the daddy’s part better than Truong Vu.

My Tam and Dam Vinh Hung give a fantastic performance in “Lien Khuc Tinh Yeu Con Dau.” It’s a compilation of their top hits. My favorite one is the duet of “Tinh Yeu Con Dau.” My Tam does a great backup job and she certainly has the charisma for the camera. Unfortunately, Dam Vinh Hung has no rhythms. He can sing – his performance in “Giay Phut Chia Xa” is mesmerizing – but he can’t dance at all.

Thanh Truc is striking as always in term of her appearance but her singing in “Ve Chon Thien Duong” is still weak comparing to My Tam. Thanh Ha couldn’t come close to Ngoc Lan in expressing the emotional lyrics in “Nha Trang Ngay Ve.” Dong Dao gives me an impression of Nhu Quynh in “Chuyen Tinh Hoa Tigon.” Why the hell does she wear clear heels with the traditional dress (ao dai)? The traditional dress doesn’t go with whore’s uniform. Quang Dung and Thanh Thao look cute together in “Ao Anh.” Linh Tuan and Thanh Huyen did an implausible job in “Tan Co: Han Mac Tu.” Linh Tuan has some nice vocals.

Bien Nho 3: Di Tim Ky Niem is much better than the first and second video even though they are still featuring the useless Vietnamese models and a whole bunch of wack ass MCs. Actually some of the wacky jokes are somewhat funny. They still do those lame introductions, which have nothing to do with the songs.