Ngoc Lan & Don Ho – Tinh Khuc Buon

This is not a comparison and definitely not a competition but a gratitude to the two remarkable Vietnamese artists who have brought some sounds and colors into my unexciting life. Their performances on Ngo Thuy Mien’s Tinh Khuc Buon are indescribable; you just have to experience them yourself. While Ngoc Lan effortlessly brings the natural beauty to the work of art, Don Ho soulfully breathes life into the aesthetic experience.

Ngo Thuy Mien must be extremely proud to witness these two artists expressed his lyrics to the highest level. Every single word they articulated cuts straight to the heart, especially “buon” (sad). Don Ho respires the word “buon” as if the winds blow out its sadness quality. On the other hand, Ngoc Lan exhales the melancholy out of the word.

If you think I am exaggerating, here is Don Ho’s Tinh Khuc Buon and Ngoc Lan’s Tinh Khuc Buon. Go ahead and enjoy them but keep in mind, this is not a competition. I would love to hear your comments but do me a big favor, do not compare. Feel free to disagree with me. You can tell me I am full of shit or I am way too obsessed but do not slam the artists, blame the fool who wrote this post. This is what happens when you have no cable TV or Internet connection at home but tons of CDs to listen to.