Cai Luong (Vietnamese Opera)

Bao Tram and Nguyen Duc give a mesmerizing Vietnamese opera (cai luong) performance. Their beautiful vocals bring me straight home for the good ten minutes, especially my all time favorite “Me Linh.” What makes this performance stands apart is the soft and delicate touches Bao Tram and Nguyen Duc bring to the opera. Unlike other deep and heavy performers, these two sing effortlessly yet professionally and the traditional instrument (dan bau) enhances their vocals marvelously. So what are you waiting for? Head over to enjoy May Trang Ta Tu.

Bao Tram who puts together this piece is also a talented writer and singer. On top of that, she is fluent in Vietnamese, French, English, and many more. Tram came to France at the age of 11 but she never fails to learn her native language. The first time I came across Tram’s blog, I didn’t think she left Viet Nam at that early age because her Vietnamese is well crafted. If you can read Vietnamese and French, Bao Tram’s blog is a must visit. Her daily thoughts fill with delightful reading for your enjoyment. Keep up the wonderful work chi (sister) Tram.