Asian Girls

Interesting subject. It’s already hard enough that the media portrayed Asian boys as being nerdy instead of sexy. Now even our own Asian ladies take a stab at Asian Boys. After reading the post and some comments, I can’t help myself so let’s break it down.

“I wasn’t FOB enough, but I wasn’t white-washed enough either.” I did not realize that when a bunch of Vietnamese boys get together, we become FOB. Since they can’t be white so they identified themselves as in between the FOB and the whitewashed. What do you call those in between? A whole bunch of fucking bananas with yellow skins and white attitudes? Ridiculous.

“I dated [Asian boy] once and he turned out to be this insecure freak.” He must be in love or else he would hit it and leave it in the quickness. You know why white boys like you, right? Exactly! Easy to get in, easier to get out.

“I dated white boys. Some Asian boys didn’t like that much.” Get the fuck out the here. Hey! You want white dick, it’s all good. There are tons of bananas to choose from. That one is too ripe, find another green and fresh one.

“I must admit white guys tend to be more confident and secure… something lacking in those azns..” Here we ho again. They are more confident and secure because they know for damn sure that, “she’s only an Asian chic. I can bang, leave and don’t have to take her home.” He knows for sure that he can find another banana easily to replace you because Asian chics love white guys.

“I would date an Asian guy .. lol.. if I ever met one, that is!!” With that banana image, you ain’t never going to find the right Asia guy.

Now some of the comments are from some of my friends. I do apologize if I offended you; however, silly comments like these only make Asian guys look worst, especially coming from our own Asian sisters. If you want to date white and black guys, go right ahead but please don’t ever make our image looks worse than it already is.