Van Son 27 – Van Son in Little Saigon

Congratulations! I was able to get through the four hours long Van Son in Little Saigon without hitting the “Skip” button. Van Son does a great job on this one. Although the comedies are not outstanding, they are laughable. All the performances are good and some are terrific. Viet Thao is implausible in hosting the show and narrating the Little Saigon’s documentary. It is an enjoyable video overall.

Here are some highlights of the show. Tuan Ngoc gives an extraordinary performance on “Han Doi,” a new song by Huynh Nhat Tan. His vocals are indelible and he is definitely the Vietnamese Frank Sinatra. Cat Tien is once again slick and sexy with her steps in “Yeu Mai Khong.” She still needs to work on her vocals but her performance is on the mark and that killer smile is irresistible. Nguyen Thang gives a mesmerizing performance on “Vi Sao Khong Noi.” The remix of Chineses melody is creative and innovative because he gives it a nice touch with R&B flavor. Nguyen Khang is not bad but he sounds too much like Quang Dung. Nevertheless, he blends in nicely with the other three members of V-Pop group.

Of course, there are some lowlights of the show as well. Truong Vu really depresses me. He drags the life out of the words. You must have to have a horrific life to listen to his songs. Minh Tri has no soul in “When I Left You That Day,” which he uses Thailand’s melody. His lyrics go something like this, “You are all that I need/and I’m missing you/but we won’t meet again.” How much cheesier can you get than that? His wife, Viet Thi, is a hoochie girl instead of a “Naughty Girl” in her performance. What is up with that whore dresses? Speaking of whores, are clear hats (non la), which the dancers wear in the beginning of the video, the new Vietnamese whores’ uniform? Since clear heels are the new American hoes’ uniform, I guess clear hats are the new Vietnamese hoes’ uniform as well. I am just kidding.

Even with some not so great performances mentioned above, the over all satisfaction makes up for it. Van Son 27 is entertaining with enjoyable comedies, many great performances, and well-done Little Saigon’s documentary. Why go all the way to Viet Nam for authentic foods when you can find them all at Little Saigon. I thought only Cafe shops in Viet Nam served by hot chics until they showed Cafe De Thuong in Little Saigon. It’s the Hooters version of cafe shop. I have to go to Cali one of these days, for authentic foods only.

Oh! I forgot to mention, the lip-syncs have to go. It is so damn obvious.