Mixed Goodies

I can’t wait to get my hands on Apple’s Motion. This new toy looks promising. Hopefully, it will be much easier to use than After Effects and produce much better motion graphics than Flash.

The choreography from Zhang Yimou’s Hero looks hot as hell. With the stunning Kung Fu from Jet Li and the striking beauty from Zhang Ziyi, this is a must see film. Hopefully it will live up to its hype.

Dam Vinh Hung’s “Dung Buon Ta Hoi” is probably his newest song and he gives an astonishing performance since the melody fits his style perfectly. However, he has to stop the stupid screaming. Damn! He does it again in the beginning of this song. It is highly annoying. Other then that, he is good.

George School’s Viet Nam Tour is quite interesting. Isn’t it incredible to go to school where you can travel to Viet Nam for two weeks? George School is a pre-college program for kids from grades 9-12. George School is probably similar to Upward Bound Program. The only different is that George School is for rich kids ($30,000 a year) and Upward Bound (free) is for ghetto kids. Thanks to Upward Bound, I was giving an opportunity to go a private institution and get an education I deserved so I owe them my deepest gratitude.

By the way, does anyone know why American combines the words Viet Nam into Vietnam? What is up with that?