Thug’s Heart

In “Can U Get Away” from Me Against The World album, 2pac recited a passionate love story of an emotional thug pouring out his heart. The lyric is refreshing, Pac’s flow is enlightening, the beat is soothing, and the lady’s voice is sympathizing. All the elements engaged together beautifully.

“I can see your state of misery from the introduction / Ain’t about suckin’ and touchin’, just harmless discussion. / Maybe we can see a better way / Late night phone conversations, would that be ok?” -Pac was so polite the to lady. He showed her his honesty, “I hope you see that I’m sincere, / and even if you stay with him today I’m still here.” You can feel the realness in his words and not just some “I love you, baby” crap. Although Pac wrote this song for black women, it could be apply to all the women in the world. Ladies, you don’t have to stick to that man if all he does is fuck, beat, and leave. There are 2pacalypse out there. Actually, there was only one Pac but good men are still around. So keep your heads up. Pac was truly an inspirational artist. The more I dig into his work, the more I respect this man. Pac words surely lived on.

Bonjour Vietnam