Inside a Thug’s Heart

Angela Ardis’s Inside a Thug’s Heart shows the sentimental side of 2pac Shakur. The book features letters, poems, and conversations between 2pac and Angela during his incarceration at Rikers Island and Dannemora State Prison for sexual assault charges. Pac had so much confidence when it comes to women. Even when he was locked down, he was still able to make a woman falling head over heels with his pen. He aroused her soul with his letters and sexed her mind with his poems.

Pac’s words were provocative and Angela’s writing was erotic; therefore, reading their exchange letters not only make you laugh and cry but also arouse. Pac expressed himself clear and explicit. He was keeping it real and didn’t afraid to speaks out his sexual, depression, and honest stage of mind. Jail can lock him down physically but not mentally. Likewise, Angela kept the faith in him and followed her own instinct instead of allowed her mother, friends or the media interfered with their relationship. She wrote sincere letters and exotic poems to help Pac keeps his head up. Best of all, she knew exactly how to get a man hard with her fantasy stories. She put him critical condition with her vivid descriptive words, “She slowly licked the head, then the shaft, and ran her tongue up and down the length of it and back to the head. Round and round she went, then she put it her mouth and begin sucking it, first softly, then hard, then softly, than harder, circling her tongue at the scrotum.” Damn! Where can I get a pen pal like that?

Inside a Thug’s Heart is simply a pleasurable experience. After reading it, I can see how he could make Can U Get Away, Temptations, How Do You Want It, What Ya Phone Number, Do For Love, etc., so damn hot. It’s his personality, his openness, his honesty and his masculinity that carried throughout his works. Angela did a fantastic job of structuring the pieces and putting all the letters together. It was like a love fairy tail, they finally met each other near the end; unfortunately, the story didn’t end at that point. Angela lost a great friend and we lost a real rapper.

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