Although Visualgui refers to visual “GUY” and not “G.U.I.,” I wanted to give the Graphical User Interface look and feel as well. Good design is occassionally not what you put in but what you take out; therefore, I went back to the clean and minimal approach. I am obsessed with white space and breathing room.

On the technical aspect, I kept the structure the same. Thanks to CSS, transform existing content to the new design is a piece of cake. Image rollover is the only new addition to the site. I also upgraded to WordPress 1.2. I really like the new editing interface.

What is the motivation for the new redesign? Another Nancy’s Frozen Caramella, another new design. It must have crack in it or something. I am extremely addicted to it. I hate going to the mall but I have to drag my ass in there everyday just for the Frozen Caramella. If you think Starbuck’s Frapuccino is bad, Nancy’s joint is even worse. I finally get off Starweed and now I am picking up Nancy’s crack. Isn’t that horrible? I need to go into rehab or Nancy has to give me some discounts in order for me to stay on her crack. In fact she should give me free crack for advertising it. I can’t afford it anymore. $5.40 is way more than a pack of cigarettes. I don’t smoke but I think it would take a person at least an hour to smoke the whole pack of cigarettes. On the other hand, a large Frozen Caramella takes me less than 15 minutes to sip it all up. I have to get my crack on or else I’ll be shaking. Once I get it, design juice started to flow. As a result, the new is rebirth.