Da Lan 2 – Cuoc Kho Nan Cho Nguoi Viet Nam

Da Lan’s Cuoc Kho Nan Cho Nguoi Viet Nam is the most lifeless video I have ever seen. The musical producers and the performers fail miserably to deliver the songs. The music is soulless. The set design is way too amateur and the dancers are unprofessional. Da Lan probably heard enough bad things about MCs; therefore, they ditched that idea. What they replaced with is a guy who walks us through the video (we only see his feet) with two lines of poem introducing each video. That idea is even worse than having a MC. While Da Lan’s first video Trieu Doa Hoa Hong Cho Nguoi Viet Nam sets them apart and raised the bar, this one drops them way down the gutter.

The special interview with the hoes in Ha Noi, North Viet Nam is tasteless. The interviewer’s voice is annoying as hell. I am so tired of hearing the hoes’ myth, “I am a prostitute because of family situation.” If you want to sell yourself, don’t blame your family. If I was ill and don’t have enough money for medications, I rather die and go to hell than letting my daughter selling her pussy for my treatment. You blamed the bastards for ruined your lives. That’s bullshit! You are ruined your own life. If you don’t offer sex, the bastards can’t buy it from you. Life is hard and there is no short cut. Only that kind of occupations will bring you money fast so you can afford that new Nokia cell phone, Dreams Honda moped, and Gucci dress. So just be honest about it. You choose that route because you want to and no one puts a gun to your head and make you do it. I remember watching HBO special about the same issue but the American hoes are honest about it. That’s the way they choose to live. They make good money and they are proud of what they do. They even have the courage to show their faces on the interview. With Da Lan’s special interview, they covered up their faces with their hair. What is up with that?

There is a gruesome scene in the video where a man is tied up on the cross with a communist pointed a gun to his head. Is that scene necessary? There are kids watching these videos too and their parents want them to learn about Vietnamese culture and the music, not a violent act like that. This video is terrible. It’s not worth your money and definitely not worth your time. Skip it and save your money for real productions like Asia and Tinh.