Quach Thanh Danh – Toi La Toi

After Quang Dung cancelled his performance on the same day as Quach Thanh Danh and demanded the 2 Bee club coordinator to take down Quach Thanh Danh’s ad, I stop listening to his music and stop buying his CD’s. In contrast, I picked up Quach Thanh Danh’s Toi La Toi and totally impressed. Although he is new, his vocal is quite matured. His timbre is along the line of Jimmy JC Nguyen and Vu Khanh mix together.

Quach Thanh Danh’s style is definitely slow and romantic. “Em Khoang Trong Va Toi” is modestly beautiful and he does a great job of expressing the sad emotion. “Duong Phuong Mot Cuoc Tinh” is nice and simple. “Xin Ru Muon Mang” is excellent too. It sounds like Trinh Cong Son’s music but I am not too sure.

The album (released by Buom Dem Music Volume 20) features 17 tracks I have never heard before. Tinh Vu Vo is the only one that I could recognize the melody. Actually, it’s similar to Ngoc Lan’s Ngay Vui Nam Ay. Of course, Ngoc Lan performance is indelible but it gives me an idea where Quach Thanh Danh stands. The overall album is not bad at all. He definitely has potential.

Obviously, bad scandals had helped boost Quach Thanh Danh’s popularity. First, his album got pulled and his live show was cancelled just because of the pose where he shows a bit of his brief. Too muscular for the Vietnamese government, how bullshit is that? Click here to see the photo. It’s nothing like Mark Wahlberg in CK underwear ads. Then Quang Dung was being stuck up and requested to pull down Quach Thanh Danh’s ad. Well, these negative scandals only make him well known to the public. Quach Thanh Danh, good luck and I’ll give you my supports so don’t let me down on your next album.