Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition

Eric Meyer’s Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition is my new best friend. This book is unquestionably invaluable because of Eric Meyer‘s in-depth knowledge of CSS. He had done an amazing job of covering both CSS2 and CSS2.1 side by side. It is extremely helpful to see what has changed from version 2 to 2.1. The major different I have noticed is many elements have been dropped. For instance, text shadows did not make it into 2.1 because of the lacking of support from browsers.

The most essential part of Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive Guide is how Eric Meyer keeps the future in mind, especially with the forward thinking of XML where CSS will play a major role in presenting XML’s presentation. Not only he gives clear and concise explanations, he also provides examples to demonstrate how designers would style an XML document.

If you would like to code proper CSS, you will appreciate the careful attention to detail this book provided. Whether you are new or veteran to CSS, you will appreciate the power of what CSS2.1 can actually accomplish by reading this book. If you’re looking for references, you will appreciate the comprehensive coverage of CSS. Whether you’re a web designer or web developer, you will appreciate the time Eric Meyer had devoted into this precious book. He is truly a CSS guru. Now that I have read the Definitive Guide, I can’t wait to dive into his More Eric Meyer on CSS for some hands-on projects.