Heavyweight Dissers

Someone better gives Big Sty a record deal before he blows up. His “It’s a Problem” is way sicker than 50’s “How to Rob an Industry.” This MC rhymes his way into the game and no one can stop him. Not only he disses Jay, Nas, Em, 50, Ja and Puff but Big Sty also digs up Big and Pac and fuck them too. This guy is way too ill.

Eminem is still holding down the fort with his lyrical skills. Have to give it to him on the way he flips the scripts on “Bully” slicing up Benz, Ja and Irv into pieces. The third verse, where he acknowledges the controversial of Hip Hop, is well put, “It’s like a never ending cycle that just seems to come full circle. Everybody’s gotta be so fucking hard. I’m not excluding myself cuz I’ve been stupid as well. I’ve been known to lose it when someone says something smart.”

Even though the Source and Benzino exposed Eminem’s old school freestyle dissing Black girls, he is still untouchable. In fact, Em fires back with an apology as well as an insult (to Benz and The Source) on Green Latern’s Invasion 3. With Em’s flawless flow and Green Latern’s bomb-ass beat, the freestyle is furious. I can’t wait to hear what this white rapper has on his mind on the next LP.

If you want to hear the tracks mentioned above plus many more disses, check out P-Cutta’s Street Wars 9. It’s off the hook.