Asian Hits Mainstream

William Hung’s Inspiration drops April 6th then Jin‘s debut The Rest is History dues out in the summer. It’s nice to see Asian American making it big; however, I am not sure how the record sales will do.

After listening to William Hung’s sample songs, especially I Believe I Can Fly, I am definitely not going to get the album. What is the marketing strategy for this album? Sympathy?

The latest addition to Double R family, Jin claims to be “the original chinky eye emcee.” What’s original? All I see is a Chinese thug wanna be in the rap game. 50 Cents is the hardcore thug. Jigga Man is the fly thug. Snoop is a pimp thug. Now we have a Chinese thug. That’s something new. Come on Jin! Give me something else. In his video Learn English, Asian women are being exposed just like other women in any Hip Hop videos. They are all about sex appeal so what is the different?

As far as I can see, William Hung’s album will have no chance. I can’t really say much about Jin based on just one song but if he’s going with that Chinese’s thug image, he will not stand a chance. Let’s wait to see when the album drops.