Saigon by Night

Had a nice time last night enjoying Saigon by Night live show at Foxwoods. Although all the performances were excellent, I came for Dam Vinh Hung so let’s get straight to him. It’s just unbelievable how his popularity had spread. Thought I was the only one who paid just to see him; however, I had a feeling many people were too. Everyone was eager to see him.

Of course, he was the highlight of the show so they arranged him to be the last performer. Although he did an excellent job, I was quite disappointed because I was expecting to hear his latest songs but instead he performed Tinh Say, Trai Tim Tinh Si and a “lien khuc” including Tinh Oi Xin Ngu Yen, Tinh Tho, Vung Troi Binh Yen and several old songs. These songs are good but they are played out. I was hoping that he would perform Hay Song Cho That Long or Uoc Mo Xa Tam Tay from Nguyen Nhut Huy’s album or Neu Co Yeu Toi or Giay Phut Chia Tay from his latest album.

Not sure why he chose to perform those old songs. Was it marketing reason that made him not want to take a risk with the US audiance? I don’t know but I was not satisfied.