Paris By Night 72 – Tieng Hat Tu Nhip Tim

The latest Thuy Nga’s video once again flopped. It takes me less than an hour to watch the six hours long Paris By Night 72 in the fast-forwarding mode. I am so tired of Nguyen Ngoc Ngan and Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen’s yakidi yak. What is the deal with Nguyen Ngoc Ngan? He sounds as if he owns Canada. And what’s up with the pointless explanations: “Tron tria co nghia la map” and “Doi co nghia la gian hon.” Well, duh? Is he insulting the audience’s intelligence?

The performances are more bad than good. Luong Tung Quang can’t even come close to Dam Vinh Hung in performing “Giot Nuoc Mat Cho Doi.” Van Quynh can’t reach My Tam’s level in singing “Uoc Gi.” The rest of the performances are pretty much average except for a few. So let’s focus e the good part. Tu Quyen, Loan Chau, Nhu Loan, and Rebecca Quynh Dao are sizzling hot for the opening. Minh Tuyet is bangin’ in “Anh Thi Khong.” She reminded me of Ngoc Lan so much. Even though there are similarities between the two (the red dress and the rich and handsome men), each has her shines. Loan Chau is flamboyant in “Vai Phu.” The new face Huong Thuy gives a beautiful touch on “Ca Dao.” Her voice is promising. The sitcom is not that bad especially the newcomer Uyen Chi, who is double D and funny.

Too bad, there are only about 5 good performances out of 25 and the hosts are not helping either. Thuy Nga production needs to come up with innovative topics in order to compete with other productions. If they keep producing same products like this, they will fall down.