Ngo Thanh Van Vol. 2 – Bi An Van Trang

One, two strikes! You’re out. It’s time for Ngo Thanh Van to leave the mic alone and get back to the catwalk. Bi An Van Trang once again demonstrates Ngo Thanh Van’s inability to sing. Vol. 2 has no indication of improvement from Vol. 1. I can’t even pick out a good song to brag about. The lyrics are still cheap and the music is just cheaper.

What was she thinking? Putting out yet another worthless album. The worse track on the album is Anh Trang, which features Okio, who has no rapping skills whatsoever. In fact, William Hung would murder his ass in a lyrical battle any time. Well, I don’t want to sound too negative so go to and check it out. The site is nicely done in Flash and it has sample clips posted on there.