Lan Song Xanh 2003-2004

Lan Song Xanh music video showcases most requested songs in 2003. The video features live performances by rising stars such as: Dam Vinh Hung, My Tam, Tuan Hung, Thanh Thao, Lam Truong, Dan Truong, Cam Ly, Phuong Thanh and many more. The video also acknowledges songwriters, Le Quang, Hoai An, Quoc An, Ngoc Chau, and Tuong Van, who contributed these magnificent works to the Vietnamese music.

While the Vietnamese entertainment productions in the US including Asia, Thuy Nga, Van Son and Tinh reuse same old songs over and over again, the music industry in Viet Nam is booming with hits after hits. Lan Song Xanh music video alone displays more than 25 new top hits in 2003. Now that is impressive comparing to the productions in US, which I can’t even recall a good song made in 2003; therefore, the productions in the US are loosing the market shares to those in Viet Nam.

The best part about Lan Song Xanh video is the actual live performances, no lip-syncing. Of course, Dam Vinh Hung and My Tam are as fine as always. I actually like Dam Vinh Hung’s Neu Co Yeu Toi live version much better than the recorded version. His powerful voice makes a big different when he sings live. My Tam is simply sexy. This girl has everything: the voice, the look, and the loot (She has recently signed a contract with Pepsi for 70 thousand US dollars). Her performance on Hoa Mi Toc Nau and Uoc Gi is just breathtaking. Beside those two, Tuan Hung also rocks the mic. He gives a mesmerizing performance on Tinh Yeu Lung Linh and Dot Chut La Kho with his strong and smoky tone.

Along with solo performances, the “ho`” part is entertaining as well. For those who don’t know, “ho`” is an interaction back and forth playing on poetry. Similar to Hip Hop battle, one starts off with “ho` ho ho ho’… ” then spits a couple lines. Immediately, the other would “ho`” back with a reply. In this case, there are five guys (Dam Vinh Hung, Lam Truong, Dan Truong, Tuan Hung, and Quang Dung) verses five girls (Phuong Thanh, My Tam, Hong Ngoc, Thanh Thao and Cam Ly). What cracks me the most is Dam Vinh Hung’s smart mouth. He just says whatever on his mind especially when he busts on Tuan Hung, “No o ngoai vo.” Phuong Thanh on the other side is funny as hell too. She pokes at Hong Ngoc with the North Vietnamese accent, “Ben em, con nho ao do no ‘soc’ lam day.” You have to know Vietnamese slang to get it.