Asia 42 – Music Around The World

Asia video 42, Am Nhac Vong Quanh The Gioi, proves their musical arrangements are still topnotch comparing to other Vietnamese entertainment productions in America. With high definition sound qualities, the beats and the instruments are crystal clear. Although this video features aged songs, Asia music producers give them brand new vibes with their innovative remixes. The best one is “Bang Bang” with the smooth guitar sound and the unique upbeat flavor.

Beside the fantastic sound, custome and set designs are worth noticing in this video. To show music around the world, each scene and every custome must be done correctly in order to take the audience to different countries. Thankfully, Asia had done their homework. They must have invested a tremendous amount of time and money to provide all the sceneries and clothes design for the show. As a result, the set design is aesthetically exquisite and the customes are eloquently gorgeous. On top of that, the special effects in the background are splendor.

The singers’ performances are good but the dancers’ performances are extraordinary. Another highlight of the show is the choreographers. The dances are highly enjoyable. Specially the Italian’s God Father act, they step with stylish and power. The choreographers put up a great show even though it is hard to look at Kenny Thai’s baby face as a mobster. Not sure why Phillip Huy’s Cup of Life performance filled with Victoria’s Secret Angels but it is all good. Hot chicks shake their asses in panties and bras, what more can you ask for?

My only complain is Trish‘s interview. Don’t understand why the audience applauded when she asked if she could speak English instead of Vietnamese. If I were there, I would have booed the hell out of her. I would not encourage her to speak English. If Truong Vu can speak Vietnamese even though he is Chinese, Trish better learns to speak her native language.

Asia has produced two successful products back to back. Asia 41’s Mua He Ruc Ro was a big hit and this one is highly enjoyable as well. Asia had been refocused themselves to create meaningful and entertaining works. With this video, they must have spent big bucks to create a masterpiece like that. I usually don’t care about bootlegging but please buy Asia’s original products so they can push the limits and bring us more good videos. They have the visions and the talents and I would hate to see them go away.

Bonjour Vietnam