Hat Voi Dong Song – An Inspiration

“Tinh yeu den em khong mong doi gio, tinh yeu di em khong he hoi tiec.” This tune has been playing in the back of my head ever since I heard My Tam sang it when “Hat Voi Dong Song” first came out. The song took off like a love anthem so did My Tam. “Hat Voi Dong Song” was written by Quoc An. It is interesting how he took phrases from an article written by Le Nguyen and transformed them into lyrics. Usually songwriters take poems (not articles) and create the melody for the music. In Quoc An’s case, it is quite unique and creative and he pulled it off nicely. The lyrics are smooth and the melody flows perfectly. Of course, My Tam’s performance is flawless. Here is the article that talks about the song and here is the original article written about Ngo Thanh Van that sparked Quoc An to write “Hat Voi Dong Song.” Sorry my English readers, the articles are in Vietnamese only.