Kanye West – The College Dropout

Producer Kanye West demonstrates his rap skills on The College Dropout. I am not too crazy about the way he flows but he has some nice lyrics and dozens of blazin’ beats. Glad to hear West raps about his personal experiences such as: college life, work at the Gap, and a car accident instead of the typical gangster life, bitches, and cars. With his consistently good lyrics and dope beats, the album is enjoyable from start to finish.

“Get Em High” is the best track on the album. The beat is mad wicked and I like the way West flows on this one. Specially the first two lines where he spits out fast and clear. Talib Kweli and Common also drops their ill verses on this track. In “All Falls Down”, it’s funny how he tells the story of a girl who drops out of college to become a hair designer, “The concept of school seems insecurrr. Sophomore three yurrrs ain’t picked a carurrrs The beat is hot and Syleena Johnson’s voice is beautiful. “Never Let Me Down” featuring Jay-Z is pretty hot too. West talks about the car accident, “But I can’t complain what the accident did to my left eye… Cause look at what the accident did to Left Eye. First Aaliyah… now Romeo Must Die.” In “Spaceship”, he talks about how he quits working at the Gap and starts making his own beats. The “New Workout Plan” is pretty funny too. I like the hip hop/club beat and how the girl said, “6pac Shakur.” I like the fresh and new vibe in “We Don’t Care.” The lyrics in “Two Words” is decent and the beat is mad kool, especially the violin at the end. Mos Def and Freeway also give a wonderful performance on their part. “Jesus Walks” has a nice tune with a positive message. “Slow Jamz” featuring Twista is nice for a little bump amd grind. The beat on “Through The Wire” sounds familiar but pretty catchy. Finally, West tells the story of how he got hooked up with Jay-Z on “Last Call.”

With the solid list above, The College Dropout is a pretty damn good album. It’s unique, entertaining, and well produced. It would have been a perfect album if Kanye West flows stronger and clearer (or I am not just digging his style). Still, go grab yourself a copy, definitely worth it.