Life is Unfair

Remember the adorable 6-7 years old kid performed in Bien Nho’s production Tuyen Chon Nghe Si? His name is Chau and he was mimicking Hoai Linh in Tra No Tinh Xa where he acted like an old man. In Hay Cho Toi, he dressed like a little pimp and danced like Nguyen Hung. Of course, as cute as he is, everyone loves him. Unfortunately, his music and video are being banned in Viet Nam because he dressed and acted inappropriate for his age. Give the kid a break. Give him a damn chance. This is why kids in Viet Nam do not have opportunities. Instead of encouraging kids to do what they like, they shut them down. Meanwhile in America, Lil’ Romeo and Lil’ Pow Wow make millions rapping about girls and wearing Hip Hop baggy clothes. Oh well, life is never fair. If you can read Vietnamese, check out the article at VNExpress.

Bonjour Vietnam