Hip-hop has mad influenced on the way we look at ass. Turn on MTV or BET, bootylicious is everywhere on hip-hop videos. Thanks to J-Lo, every woman is now backing that ass up. So what happen if you don’t have an ass to back up? No need to worried, ass jobs are getting as popular as boob jobs. The advantage of having an ass job is to remove access fat from stomach, thigh, and back then reinvests it back into the butt checks where the fat should be so you will end up with a bubble ass. It’s a win/win situation. However, an ass job is not cheap (much more than a blow job for sure). It could cost up to 400k, according to Vibe magazine. Damn, I am in the wrong profession. I should become an ass doctor instead. All I need is an ass job a year. It doesn’t sound right, does it?

Anyway, I still prefer the proportional type with slim waste and some nice details. I don’t need a big ole butt. Something like these chicks is more than what I can wish for. Yeah! Those chicks are: Minh Tuyet, Ha Vy and Tam Doan performing Lien Khuc Dan Ca (Traditonal Music with new beats). They are my type of babes. Check them out!