Climbing Higher

I picked up Montel Williams’s Climbing Higher because I want to learn more about Multiple Sclerosis, an evil disease that took away my lovely Ngoc Lan. The more I learn about MS, the more respect I have for Ngoc Lan. As a delicate woman, she was quietly suffering through the torturing of MS for quite a long time. From what I have learned from this book, MS is very painful. Even Montel Williams, a strong man who lifts weight everyday, wanted to commit suicide a couple of times to end the misery. He describes the pain on his feet as walking on burning coal.

Climbing Higher not only talks about MS but also lets readers get intimate with Montel William, one of the successful talk show in America. This is his personal story and he is sharing it to the public. How he deals with MS, his marriage, his children, his sexuality, etc. How MS controls his brain, his body and even his penis. He tells you every details how MS makes his life a living hell.

The inspiration aspect of the book is how Montel Williams moves from negative to positive. Instead of putting that bullet through his brain to let MS wins, he is fighting the sucker till the end. He sees MS as a blessing instead of a deadly disease. He is encouraging people to fight MS by setting up Please support the foundation by donate money or buy this book (a portion goes to the foundation) to find a cure for MS.