R U Still Down?

Want to hear 2pac pours out his heart? Want to enjoy some real lyrical contents? Check out R U Still Down double CD from the one and only 2pac Shakur. I am still feeling his words ever since the album came out in 1997. This double album had raised my expectations for Hip Hop. Until this day, I still can’t find an album that could match 2pac’s R U Still Down. Every track leaves me something in my mind to remember by. Whether he screams at his enemy, encourages us to Hold On Be Strong, or tells the stories of 16 on Death Row, his words are so powerful and he expresses them clear and loud.

Take away the hardcore and the gangster life, you will find 2pac expresses himself as a troublesome brother. In Open Fire, he said, “I’m sick inside my mind, why you sweating me? It’s gonna take an army full of crooked ass cops to come and get me.” In R U Still Down, Pac spoke out his inner feelings, “Living life as a Thug. Time to face the truth. What’s going on with the wasted youth? Please God come and save me, had to work with what you gave me.” In Hellrazor, Pac went on, “I’m starting to think all the rich in the world is safe while the poor babies resting in the early graves. God come save the youth. Ain’t nothing else to do but have faith in you.” Although every song hits the spot, Hellrazor is one of the wicked lyrics along side with 16 on Death Row where Pac tells three different stories in three verses. You just have to experience 16 on Death Row. Listen carefully every word he said. The song will bring tears to your eyes. Words such as: “My uncle used to touch me, I never told you that. Scared what you might do, I couldn’t hold you back. I kept it deep inside, I done let it fuel my anger. I’m down for all my hommies, no mercy for a stranger? They tell me the preacher’s there for me. He’s a crook with a book, that motherfucker never cared for me? I wish I would’ve known while I was out there. Now I’m straight heading for the chair.”

There are so much more stuff on the album such as: Hold On Be Strong, I Wonder If Heaven Got a Ghetto, Nuthin But Love, Fake Ass Bitches, Lie to Kick It, When I Get Free 2, and so on. I could easily go through and review every songs but that is not necessary. I?ll let the work speaks for itself. Go ahead and get the album. Even if you’re not Hip Hop fan, you will appreciate the lyrical content of a mastermind.

Bonjour Vietnam